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Central Sales Limited has been the source of exceptional service delivering thousands of quality products and hospital supplies to Veterinarians all over Canada, since 1953. Call us today for all your hospital supply needs. We represent over 50 different manufacturers nationwide and are always adding great new products.

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HY-50™ for HORSES

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Allergy Identification & Treatment - Bones & Biscuits - Collars, Leashes, Reflectors - Diagnostic Equipment & Test Kits - Ear & Skin Products - Equine Specialty Products - Flea & Tick Control - Grooming Equipment - Hospital/Surgical Supplies - Microchip Identification Systems - Odour & Stain Control - Oral Hygiene - Pharmaceuticals - Plush Toys & Gift Bags - Restraint Devices - Shampoos & Conditioners - Stainless Bowls & Water Fountains - Supplements & Nutraceuticals


1-14 Regan Road, Brampton, ON  L7A 1B9    Phone: 1-(800) 387-2522   customerservice@centralsales.ca


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