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Spectrum Allergy Testing Supplies from Central Sales Limited today!

Serving Companion Animal & Equine Veterinarians since 1953.

addison   Addison Biological Laboratory

MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Wipes - view video here

Adequan   Adequan Canine

Adequan   Adequan Equine


Paratest Fecal Testing

Eidap Inc.   Eidap – Microchips: General information

Furminator deshedding products   Furminator – Grooming tools and deshedding supplies
Furminator Vet Website

Greenies   Greenies – Makers of Canine and Feline Greenies, Pill Pockets Literature, information

I-Med Animal Health  

I-Med Animal Health

I-Med Animal Health, a world leader in ocular surface disorders (OSD) treatment, offers uniquely formulated hyaluronan-based products.


Jurox Animal Health - www.jurox.ca

AAFP Guidelines

Alfaxan Seminar keynote presentations (October 2017):

Kong Toys   Kong – Toys

Mila International - catherers, medical supplies  

MILA international – Catheters, medical supplies
2023 International Catalog here

Amy Newfield’s Webinar, Urinary Catheters Made Easy (Click here)

Spectrum Labs  

Nextmune is a global, science-driven company operating in specialty pharma for pets.

Dermatology Questions? Join Dr. Valerie Fadok to discuss your challenging cases! Choose from a variety of days & times. (Click here)

PAX Positivity Threshold Update

DVM 360 webinar - Dr. Olivry

This link will get you to all the webinars: Webinars (dvm360.com)

Nutriscience nutritionary supplements for vets   NutriScience – Nutritional supplements


O'Tom Tick Twister   O'Tom Tick Twister

Premium Tuff Lock   Premium Tuff Lock – Leashes and Collars
Patterns and colour choices

Soft Paws   Soft Paws – Alternative to Declawing: General information 

Colour chart | How to Apply

Nurtured Pets   High quality Suture Materials at SMI

Trimline, Urinalysis Test Strips  

Trimline, Urinalysis Test Strips


Vetkem   Vet Kem – Flea and Tick products: General information
The Flea Infestation - It's a Vicous Cycle (pdf) 
Some Facts About Ticks - 1 (pdf)
Some Facts About Ticks - 2 (pdf)

Vetericyn VF   Vetericyn

Vetericyn VF   Whitebridge Pet Brands

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